In praise of a well designed corkscrew


A pal worked for Le Creuset and introduced us to their Screwpull and Lever-arch corkscrew models early on. The Teflon coated stainless steel screws could extract the most difficult of corks with ease and it was claimed they could run to 10,000 corks before needing replacement.

Even they, however, struggled with the stupid plastic dense synthetic ‘corks’ which could probably outlast a cockroach in a holocaust. Mainly used by cheaper producers these ‘corks’ are a nuisance to remove, impervious to all but the most blunt of attacks short of slicing the top of the bottle off with a Sabre, the Cavalry way.

So it is a pleasure to use this very well designed Alessi Parrot Corkscrew. It has a two stage action pull which allows you to work with even delicate or fragile corks and it lifts long or tough corks straight out of the neck with ease. The mini penknife is a very useful foil cutter. It’s not cheap, but the good solid Aluminium construction suggests it will go the distance. Comes is a variety of colour schemes to match your mood.

Alessi Waiter's Mate Open                                         Alessi Waiter's Mate


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