Dinner @ OGM. Pear Tree Sauvignon Blanc 2011. Wire Walker Pinot Noir 2009

Our good friend Tony Hodges from Nottingham stayed with us for the weekend and brought these:

IMG_2075 (Small)

IMG_2076 (Small)

IMG_2074 (Small)

A competent and restrained Sauvignon Blanc from NZ. Delicious subtle Tropical fruits, very clean finish. Expensive, I suspect! Note the 12.4% abv, Tony is deliberately seeking out lower alcohol wines – against the trend of producers to deliver strong alcohol mouth feel.

Understated self promotion in the QR code too.

This Australian Pinot was most disappointing and again, was probably very expensive. Cloudy, rust colour in the glass. We agreed it was single dimensional in taste and delivered a rough mouth feel, not unpleasant but not even close to the standard of an old world Pinot Noir. The very interesting Jalleh designed label promised much much more, perhaps @ 2009 it was a bit old?

IMG_2072 (Small)

IMG_2073 (Small)

Both wines were sources from Gibneys in Malahide after enjoying a glass of Blush with Amy & Ross in Geisha overlooking the Marina


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