G.S.M Grenache-Sauvignon-Marsanne 2011 Charles Vienot

GSM (Custom)

2011 Charles Vienot GSM Blanc

This is a Superquinn exclusive by Boisset.

White Grenache, Sauvignon and Marsanne it has tons of ripe fruit but with a lovely acidic lift. Great!

Charles Vienot was a grower and negociant with very high quality and lovely wines and a history going back before the French Revolution. But like many in Burgundy, it fell on hard times in the 1980s and was sold (to Boisset). Now, the name has been revived. This wine was made by Pascal Marchand, formerly winemaker at Comte Armand, from grapes grown at Domaine Raymond Launay. The same wine was also sold under the Domaine Raymond Launay label.

Interesting article about the Boisset empire here http://www.southfloridagourmet.com/newsite/archives/boisset.html

A gift from the Farrells.

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