Wine Bottle Sizes


Handy reference to settle arguments around the table and Biblical Kings Abound:

187.5ml Piccolo or Split: It is typically used for a single serving;

375ml Demi or Half;

500ml Jennie / Half Carafe;

750ml Standard;

1.0L Litre / Carafe;

1.5L Magnum: or two standard bottles;

2.25L Marie Jeanne;

3.0L Double Magnum / Jeroboam –  four standard bottles;

4.5L Rehoboam: six standard bottles (Champagne);

6.0L Imperiale / Methuselah: eight standard bottles;

9.0L Salmanazar: twelve standard bottles / a case;

12.0L Balthazar: sixteen standard bottles;

15.0L Nebuchadnezzar: twenty standard bottles;

18.0L Melchior: twenty-four standard bottles;

26.25L Sovereign / Champagne Taittinger;

27.0L Primat / Goliath (Champagne);

30.0L Melchizedek




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