Masottina Asolo Prosecco

Brunch with Richard & Marcie in the Gourmet Food Parlour and had this nice Prosecco. Very clean and crisp.

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Asolo Prosecco (also known as Colli Asolani) is one of a growing raft of DOCG titles to grace the wine portfolio of the Veneto wine region in north-eastern Italy

We followed lunch with a visit to Scrumdiddleys (a 20 minute wait not worth the fuss – Teddy’s is safe!) and a walk along the prom.

Maschio Prosecco

Light colour even in the dark restaurant. Nice biscuit and nutty bite.

Bedia, Cuvee 31041, Prosecco,

Lovely Prosecco from Treviso
Golden colour. Deliciously fresh.