l’Opera, Duca di Saragnano, 2015

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img 1488

Another bring from Dad from his local wineshop – Nectar.

Lots of fruit from Tuscany, very soft finish – a nice way to welcome in Summertime.

Barbanera Winery: barbaneravini.it

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img 1489


Domaine de la Combe au Loup, Morgon, 2012, Meziat Pere et Fils, Chiroubles

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Wolf’s hill demense?

This more than workmanlike product is from Beaujolais and a reliable dinner party stalwart.

Inky colour, full bodied for its origin.

Super wine from Laura’s stock

Uno Piu Uno, Puglia, 2015, Michele Biancardi

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Produced in Cerignola near a very special part of the world – Gargano.

A concise list in the Linden Tree dining room at Carton House, this was chosen on the basis of perceived value in an otherwise expensive cluster. Big whack of vanilla, fruit and smooth alcohol delivery.