Clos Roche Blanche, Sauvignon No 5, 2011, Touraine

Clos Roche Blanches No 5 f 0406 Artigny


We stayed in Chateau d’Artigny near Montbazon, once home to and fitted out by Francois Coty.

That night we dined in the plush l’Origan restaurant and had the mini tasting menu.

The friendly Maitre d’ recommended the No 5 Sauvignon over the No 2 and it was delicious.

A complex wine with lots of minerality, flinty, metallic well balanced with citrus and gooseberry notes, great blast of grass.

A rare find. Didier Barouillet is the winemaker at Clos Roche Blanche. Worth more investigation.

The bar service at Chateau d’Artigny is brutal but we met some nice Americans from Fargo and had a pleasant nightcap with them as a result.

Clos Roche Blanches No 5 b



Clos Roche Blanches No 5 R