Guinness Original Extra Stout

The original craft beer: a pint bottle of guinness.

The Barmaid in the Carrick Hotel even asked if I wanted one from the cooler or from the shelf.

Effervescent toasted hop distinctive taste, great with food. Perhaps the growth in Craft Beers will prompt Diageo to put this back on general distribution.

ca’di Ponti

Ca'di Ponti 010514

Flowery Peach notes. Nice if a little bland and certainly pricey @ €27 in Ouzos where we had a good set meal with Deana followed by a Guinness in Finnegans to send her on her way back to Perth. G’day Deana!

A webtrawl reveals this Catarratto (Lucido?) comes from one of our favourite places in Sicily:

“Catarratto, despite being grown almost exclusively in Sicily is one of Italy’s most commonly planted grape varieties. Catarratto vines cover more surface area in Sicily than those of any other variety. The variety makes up around 60 percent of total vineyard area on the island and is largely confined to the western provinces (Trapani, Palermo and Agrigento)”

Catarratto is also used in Marsala Production.

The producer’s and Winemaker’s notes are here

Ca'di Ponti 010514 b