Bardolino, 2015, Allegrini, Villa Maria, Riesling, 2015

A night on the tiles in Nottingham: Cocktail Aperitifs in the BoilerMaker followed by a BYOB meal at U.Canteen in the excellent company of Tony and Olivia

The Bardolino was light and went well with the spicy food. Slightly more interesting was the Villa Maria Riesling which cut through the sauces.


Flipside Sterling Pale Ale

Sterling Pale Ale 051213 f

Tony introduced this on our trip to Nottingham (having used the excuse of seeing the Grimethorpe Colliery Band – stars of the “Brassed Off” movie as a reason to visit).

Very tasty and morish. Superior to the likes of Smithwicks, O’Hara’s, Galway Hooker etc. – slightly lower in Alcohol and still  hoppy but less tarty.

Sterling Pale Ale 051213 s Sterling Pale Ale 051213