Domaine Filliatreau, 2015, Samur, Champigny

The 2014 was the first encounter with this red from Samur and the Filliatreaus don’t disappoint with the 2015 vintage. Open fruit, smooth yet earthy – you can taste the throbbing heat from the Summer sun.


Domaine Filliatreau, 2014, Samur, Champigny

You can taste the soft warm summer evening sun in this delightfully smooth yet earthy Red wine from Samur – which we visited last year. Delicious, lovely fruit, worth seeking out and it blows the myth of boring light Reds from Samur.

Brian and I enjoyed this over dinner after a hard day visiting Powerscourt Waterfall, followed by lunch in Avoca, a drop in to wish the parents a Happy New Year, then to the O’Byrnes to wish Sarah a Happy Birthday, capped with a swift Pint of Guinness in The Tinsel Knacker. The girls had Irish Wolfhound Pale Ale. Phew.