Vouvray, 2011, Monmousseau

Memories of Sussey Street from the Eighties when Vouvray was last fashionable. Flabby with a hint of liquorice, quite sweet.

Another so so from the wineonline.ie pot luck sale.

I guess we should be drinking this fresher rather than 5 years later.

Click to access Monmousseau-vouvray-still_EN.pdf

Sancerre, Domaine Andre Vatan, ‘Maulin Bele’ Rose 2014

Lovely zing off this rose, crisp, clean 100% Pinot Noir, lovely with the Cheese Platter in Whelehans.

Jancis Robinson wasn’t too keen on this – preferring their standard Sancerre – but I am. Not cheap but quality shines. John brought this to dinner.

A suggestion from Provence that Saignee produced Roses aren’t the real deal.

Saignée rosé “not true rosé”

Calvet, Touraine, Sauvignon Blanc, 2012

Tourains Sav B 2606 F

An homage to our trip to the Loire Valley – Calvet Touraine Sauvignon Blanc.

I was mildly surprised by the quality of this offering, probably because of the Calvet name on the bottle.

A typical Touraine; nice dry citrus tang, well balanced, nice aroma of ammonia cut grass.

Their 2013 vintage has won a medal at the Paris Agricultural Show and I look forward to tasting it.

Tourains Sav B 2606 R

Ackerman, Sancerre, 2012

Ackerman Sancerre 2012 2006

This was the white wine offering at the post Golf Dinner for the ABGS TABS Fundraiser in Woodenbridge.

Lovely fruit, crisp finish, well made – an ideal compliment to the Steak Frites the team enjoyed after a hot hard day’s Scrambling .

Great company, good weather and not too shabby Golf (though not up there with the Bandits from a scoring pov).

Thanks Ian, John & Philip.

Ackerman Sancerre 2012 R

Chateau de la Chesnaie, Muscadet, 2012

Chat de  la chesnaie Bure 0806


Another staple from Irish Wine lists of the 80’s and Muscadet, which was the only wine to have with Fish then, just dropped out of fashion.

More Muscadet is produced than any other Loire wine and it is of the Melon de Bourgogne grape also known simply as Melon.

Muscadet Sevre et Maine, ‘wine with a musk-like taste’ meaning Muscat though it hasn’t.


Competent, if standard, food fare from Brasserie Bure in Tours.


Chat de  la chesnaie Bure f Chat de  la chesnaie Bure R

Turonien Vouvray 2012, La Deuvaliere

Turonien Vouvray 2012 Le Deuvaliere 0606

Aaah, Vouvray. 100% Chenin Blanc – a taste of Leeson Street from the 80’s. A taste of quality of course.

A very competent Dinner in Restaurant La Deuvaliere in Tours – accompanied by this blast from the past.

A rounded wine, tasting of peaches and apricots which we chose because we had driven through the prosperous town of Vouvray outside Tours on the Loire a little earlier.

From a Troglodyte cave in Vouvray: http://www.chateaugaudrelle.com/loire-valley-wine-vouvray


Turonien Vouvray 2012 Le Deuvaliere b

Turonien Vouvray 2012 Le Deuvaliere R

Cuvee Pointe d’agrumes, Touraine Sauvignon, 2013

Pointe d'agrumes, fx barc f _ Cafe Sud_E23 0506

Cafe Sud in Tours: the Citrus Tip

A nice introduction to Tours and Touraine Sauvignon Blanc: tart, slight flowery nose, lots of Citrus and tropical flavours deserving of the  Agrum descriptor.

An interesting companion to the ambitious menu in Cafe Sud.

Francois Xavier Barc has assembled an interesting clutch of “accomplices” – winemakers devoted to styles indigenous to the Loire Valley:


Tasting notes here: http://complicesdeloire.com/pointe-dagrumes-touraine


Pointe d'agrumes, fx barc r

Clos Roche Blanche, Sauvignon No 5, 2011, Touraine

Clos Roche Blanches No 5 f 0406 Artigny


We stayed in Chateau d’Artigny near Montbazon, once home to and fitted out by Francois Coty.

That night we dined in the plush l’Origan restaurant and had the mini tasting menu.

The friendly Maitre d’ recommended the No 5 Sauvignon over the No 2 and it was delicious.

A complex wine with lots of minerality, flinty, metallic well balanced with citrus and gooseberry notes, great blast of grass.

A rare find. Didier Barouillet is the winemaker at Clos Roche Blanche. Worth more investigation.

The bar service at Chateau d’Artigny is brutal but we met some nice Americans from Fargo and had a pleasant nightcap with them as a result.

Clos Roche Blanches No 5 b



Clos Roche Blanches No 5 R