Mandrarossa, Fiano, DOC Sicilia

Mandrarossa 090414

Fiano grape from Campania transplanted to Sicily

This wine is a surprise: nice dry unoaked white, slightly buttery creamy edge, apricot aroma. Nicely refreshing for a Bank Holiday Weekend.

Upon further research this comes from a part of Sicily which we love and have visited several times.

“Mandrarossa is produced by the Settesoli co-op in the hills surrounding Menfi, between Agrigento and Selinunte. Settesoli source their grapes from dedicated vineyards using a computer mapped traceability system which analyses sugar development, tannin ripeness and acidity levels throughout the growing season to ensure optimum quality at picking. The grapes are picked from the bunch and delicately crushed before cooling off and then strained with light presses. The juice undergoes cold settling and fermentation at temperatures of 16–18ºC.”

Plastic Cork.

Mandrarossa 090414 b

Fiano 2012, Tesco. Sicily – Domenico de Gregorio

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A first for me, Fiano is a low yielding white Italian wine grape grown in the Campania and on Sicily.

This is from Menfi in South west Sicily, near Marinella. Very nice, almost honeyed / buttery in texture with a citrus and nut nose.

The wine maker is the Settesoli cooperative whose brand is INYCON.

€10 from Tesco on offer. Slightly annoying that the same wine is £5.99 in Britain. 


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