Revero, Tempranillo Rosado

This rose is a cool €3.99 in Tesco.

Hugely enjoyable and refreshing in this glorious heat, a nice light slightly fruity Rose.


Man finds nasty surprise in wine bottle

Tesco Select

It’s not April Fool’s, but I sincerely hope this is!

Though I wonder how many foreign bodies or other ‘nasty’ objects we’ve imbibed unwittingly at BBQ’s, in dark Pubs etc.?

Man finds nasty surprise in wine bottle

Chianti, Tesco, 2012


Tesco Chianti 270414

I’m not sure how this got into the House … an acceptable bring nonetheless.

The label says is all “Simply” Chianti – Sangiovese from Piccini in Central Tuscan; fresh and fruity.

Tesco’s “Simply” philosophy is to present customers with a relatively small selection of wines featuring some of the most popular varietals with simple, easy-to-understand labels and sold at an affordable price.

Tesco Chianti 270414 b

Fiano 2012, Tesco. Sicily – Domenico de Gregorio

IMG_2735 (Custom)

A first for me, Fiano is a low yielding white Italian wine grape grown in the Campania and on Sicily.

This is from Menfi in South west Sicily, near Marinella. Very nice, almost honeyed / buttery in texture with a citrus and nut nose.

The wine maker is the Settesoli cooperative whose brand is INYCON.

€10 from Tesco on offer. Slightly annoying that the same wine is £5.99 in Britain. 


IMG_2736 (Custom)