Suffolk Jester IPA

Two bottles of this instead of a bottle of wine with the always reliable M&S meal deal.

Jester is a new breed of English Hop grown on Stocks farm in Worcestershire. Gooseberries and Lychee notes the blurb says. Very refreshing and not too acidic.

Cass Korean Beer

Crisp Korean Beer to go with our excellent dinner in Holborn.


Free Ranger IPA

Good bite, slightly sweet, full on IPA. Strong at the stated 6.3%

Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co. Just down the road near The Harbour Bar.

Smithwick’s Long Summer Ale

Smithwicks Long Summer Ale F 130714

Smithwick’s appear to be trying to prove that a big brand can make craft beer “Superior Batches” in large quantities and so far they appear to be succeeding where parent brand Guinness failed with its Guinness series.

They latched onto a long hot summer too, just in time to catch the great weather tide with this ‘long summer’.

A welcome diversion from Bland Lager on a hot summer’s day.

More of this, perhaps a Haloween Howler?

Smithwicks Long Summer Ale 130714

Lunch and Beer in the Summer Sun in Dublin

A skite.

These are just a small selection of the craft beers John Devlin and I tried in the Old Gaffney’s Pub site in Denzille Lane which is now a Beer Cafe following a most pleasant lunch in Ely Grand Canal where we enjoyed a bottle of the ever reliable Allegrini Valpolicella.

You buy the beer at list price and pay a 50 cent corkage to drink it on the premises. We prefered the pale ales which relegated all the lagers into bland taste territory. One thing common to all the beer packaging we viewed and samples is that they’re in bad need of good graphic design to better reflect the quality of their contents.

John is great company and we enjoyed a very pleasing hour in the sun on Denzille Lane, followed by a hour on the steps of the Pav.

Beer_160714_RB 2 Beer_160714_RB

Beer_160714_JPA Beer_160714_JPA 2

Beer_160714_HG Beer_160714_HG 3 Beer_160714_HG 2 Beer_160714_GA Beer_160714_GA 2 Beer_160714_DPC Beer_160714_DPC 3 Beer_160714_DPC 2