Guinness Golden Ale

To prove Craft doesn’t have to be made in small dingy portacabins, Diageo have launched this Golden Ale as part of their “Brewer’s Project”.

Nice refined hops with a malty taste.

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Suffolk Jester IPA

Two bottles of this instead of a bottle of wine with the always reliable M&S meal deal.

Jester is a new breed of English Hop grown on Stocks farm in Worcestershire. Gooseberries and Lychee notes the blurb says. Very refreshing and not too acidic.

Cass Korean Beer

Crisp Korean Beer to go with our excellent dinner in Holborn.


Free Ranger IPA

Good bite, slightly sweet, full on IPA. Strong at the stated 6.3%

Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co. Just down the road near The Harbour Bar.