Vouvray, 2011, Monmousseau

Memories of Sussey Street from the Eighties when Vouvray was last fashionable. Flabby with a hint of liquorice, quite sweet.

Another so so from the wineonline.ie pot luck sale.

I guess we should be drinking this fresher rather than 5 years later.

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Turonien Vouvray 2012, La Deuvaliere

Turonien Vouvray 2012 Le Deuvaliere 0606

Aaah, Vouvray. 100% Chenin Blanc – a taste of Leeson Street from the 80’s. A taste of quality of course.

A very competent Dinner in Restaurant La Deuvaliere in Tours – accompanied by this blast from the past.

A rounded wine, tasting of peaches and apricots which we chose because we had driven through the prosperous town of Vouvray outside Tours on the Loire a little earlier.

From a Troglodyte cave in Vouvray: http://www.chateaugaudrelle.com/loire-valley-wine-vouvray


Turonien Vouvray 2012 Le Deuvaliere b

Turonien Vouvray 2012 Le Deuvaliere R

Domaine du Petit Clocher, Anjou, 2013

Anjou Petit Clocher F a

We had a coffee in Anjou (having stopped to look at yet another Castle) so it made sense to pick an Anjou at dinner.

Villa Toussaint in Angers kindly squeezed us in for a late – and good – meal.

We took the waiter’s recommendation on this Anjou – Domaine du Petit Clocher – which is Chenin Blanc also known as the Pinot of the Loire, and this has been aged in Barrel. Slightly flabby but a lovely minerality and zest of citrus very different to the crisp Sancerre we sipped as an aperitif on the Square.  A nice introduction to the wines of the area nonetheless.




Anjou Petit Clocher R Anjou Petit Clocher F 0306

Kleindal Chenin Blanc 2012 Robertson



Lesley got a voucher deal for a new Japanese restaurant in Malahide called Wasabi so we arranged to meet Amy & Ross for an early Dinner.

Wasabi has been open about 10 months, about the same amount of time this Chenin Blanc has been sitting in the bottle, and served a tasty offering of Sushi amongst other delights.

The Chenin Blanc was light and complimented the meal quite well but I thought it was quite mellow – unremarkable, unstructured and lacked the edge – crispness and greenness – of a young Cape CB. Disappointing at 23 euro on a streamlined wine list.

We enjoyed our first visit to Wasabi with pleasant service and tasty food despite the early banging of metal spoons on wooden table and will revisit in person or through take-away.