Milano, Casa de Rossa Merlot Rose 2012, Santa Luni Pinot Grigio Blush 2012

Casa de Roas Merlot Rose 250714 F Casa de Roas Merlot Rose 250714

Greg, Ian and I were joined on the terrace of Milanos in Baggot Street by Ken for a quite relaxing meal by the canal in advance of the madness to celebrate Ian’s birthday in MOB’s, and to be polished off with Cocktails in Kinara Kitchen in Ranelagh.

The Merlot Rose was acceptable – cold, wet refreshing liquid in the glass but by comparison the Santa Luna PG Blush was far superior and complimented our meal in the evening sunshine well.

I suspect both these labels are Milanos / Pizza Express own brands.

€23.45 / €23.65 respectively.



Santa Lina PG 250714 F Santa Lina PG 250714

Tenuta Nicante, Pinot Grigio, Terre di Chieti

Tenuta Nicante 201213

Amy & Ross kindly invited us to dinner for a Pre-Christmas meal in the Rustic Stone.

I had dined here with Donald some months ago where we both couldn’t read the menu which was designed by a 20 year old art director with Bionic eyesight. And I really don’t see the appeal of a Korean Barbecue which may appear to be a novelty to some but the place smells of grease and the air is filled with the burnt smoke and molecules of your neighbours dinner sizzling on a super hot plate.

We had a pleasant though not cheap meal nonetheless. It’s not particularly good value on the wine list either and this Pinot Grigio was overpriced and tasted mediocre. I think Abruzzo has a bit to go before it masters the Pinot Grigio grape on this evidence. Perhaps my taste buds were upstaged by all the greasy molecules on the surface of the wine. Vigneti Radica details here:

Definitely one to avoid at any price.

Typo on the wine list too, it comes from Italy and France:

06. PINOT GRIGIO “TENUTA NICANTE”, ABRUZZO, ITALY, BURGUNDY, FRANCE. Nice crunchy apples with a little citrus. Well-bodied and delicate.
€6.50 / €15.00 / €27.90

Tenuta Nicante 201213 b