Domaine de Mont-Auriol Viognier 2011 Cotes de Thongue


Dark, almost boudoir-ish, I loved the burnt orange colour of the chairs in the new Marcels (formerly The Espresso Bar) on Mary’s Road where I met Olly for lunch.

We both had the same order: the Four types of Tomato and Goats Cheese starter was delicious; the Cod was good though I found the sauce quite rich. The chips – additional cost – were workmanlike. This Viognier, a tad expensive @ E28 was very palatable, not quite as rich as the Mussel Veloute, but very tasty and not just because of the good company. Slightly oily mouthfeel, taste of peaches, nice floral nose.

I wasn’t able to find much on the producer other than it was once a Royal estate.


Palermo – Site Visit in May. Calatrasi & Miccichè Viognier, 2011, Sicily. Cusamano angimbé Insolia, Chardonnay, Sicily, 2012. Tenuta Regaleali, Leone, Conti Tasca d’almerita, Sicily, 2012.

Lesley took me to Sicily in May and we ended the trip in Palermo.

These are some of the wines we had to sample there with Donald & Dale, who kindly travelled to spend the weekend with us.

Each as tasty as the last. Someone has to do it!

IMG_1959 (Small) IMG_1960 (Small) IMG_1969 (Small) IMG_1970 (Small) IMG_1971 (Small) IMG_1972 (Small)

Catarratto (43%), Pinot Bianco (25%), Sauvignon (22%) and Traminer Aromatico (10%).