Sancerre, Domaine Andre Vatan, ‘Maulin Bele’ Rose 2014

Lovely zing off this rose, crisp, clean 100% Pinot Noir, lovely with the Cheese Platter in Whelehans.

Jancis Robinson wasn’t too keen on this – preferring their standard Sancerre – but I am. Not cheap but quality shines. John brought this to dinner.

A suggestion from Provence that Saignee produced Roses aren’t the real deal.

Saignée rosé “not true rosé”

Sancerre, 2014, Le Domaine du Pré Semelé, Remy, Julien et Clement Raimbault

Le Domaine du Pré Semelé

An accomplished austere Sauvignon from the Pre Semele Domaine in Maimbray about 5 km north of Sancerre. Delicious

We presented this to the Bartleys though I think John prefers his Cono Sur Chardonnay!





Ackerman, Sancerre, 2012

Ackerman Sancerre 2012 2006

This was the white wine offering at the post Golf Dinner for the ABGS TABS Fundraiser in Woodenbridge.

Lovely fruit, crisp finish, well made – an ideal compliment to the Steak Frites the team enjoyed after a hot hard day’s Scrambling .

Great company, good weather and not too shabby Golf (though not up there with the Bandits from a scoring pov).

Thanks Ian, John & Philip.

Ackerman Sancerre 2012 R