Lupi Reali, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 2012

Lupi Reali Montepulciano 180414


Dad brought a few bottles of this Real Wolf to Sunday lunch and we offered it to the Ashmores, Bruce and Carol, on Good Friday.

A lovely Montepulciano, smooth, earthy without being gritty. Blueberries and Blackberries, a little Mint.

Well made – nice structure and finish.

Not sure if being organic adds to the flavour but we could howl at the Moon about this all night.

The wolves still roam this part of Abruzzo – which has the look of land that time has forgotten, high up between two National Parks which they like to call “the other Abruzzo” – the full story here:

A delicious find in Nectar Wines in Sandyford. About €17.

Lupi Reali Montepulciano b

Tenuta Nicante, Pinot Grigio, Terre di Chieti

Tenuta Nicante 201213

Amy & Ross kindly invited us to dinner for a Pre-Christmas meal in the Rustic Stone.

I had dined here with Donald some months ago where we both couldn’t read the menu which was designed by a 20 year old art director with Bionic eyesight. And I really don’t see the appeal of a Korean Barbecue which may appear to be a novelty to some but the place smells of grease and the air is filled with the burnt smoke and molecules of your neighbours dinner sizzling on a super hot plate.

We had a pleasant though not cheap meal nonetheless. It’s not particularly good value on the wine list either and this Pinot Grigio was overpriced and tasted mediocre. I think Abruzzo has a bit to go before it masters the Pinot Grigio grape on this evidence. Perhaps my taste buds were upstaged by all the greasy molecules on the surface of the wine. Vigneti Radica details here:

Definitely one to avoid at any price.

Typo on the wine list too, it comes from Italy and France:

06. PINOT GRIGIO “TENUTA NICANTE”, ABRUZZO, ITALY, BURGUNDY, FRANCE. Nice crunchy apples with a little citrus. Well-bodied and delicate.
€6.50 / €15.00 / €27.90

Tenuta Nicante 201213 b

Gran Sasso, Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Vendemmia 2012, Beaufield Mews


Having received a €10 off voucher with the promise of a €20 set menu whilst sitting in traffic in Stillorgan,

Lesley and I took up the offer following an early evening visit to Dundrum to see Captain Philips (****).

The decor of the Beaufield Mews, with the upstairs re-badged as the Loft hasn’t really changed in years

but we had a very nice set menu served with good grace even though the set menu time had passed

and enjoyed this Montepulciano from Gran Sasso made by Faranese Vini  in Ortona.

Fresh, slightly sweet, lots of Cherry and Blackcurrant.

€25 on the carte.