Domaine du Petit Clocher, Anjou, 2013

Anjou Petit Clocher F a

We had a coffee in Anjou (having stopped to look at yet another Castle) so it made sense to pick an Anjou at dinner.

Villa Toussaint in Angers kindly squeezed us in for a late – and good – meal.

We took the waiter’s recommendation on this Anjou – Domaine du Petit Clocher – which is Chenin Blanc also known as the Pinot of the Loire, and this has been aged in Barrel. Slightly flabby but a lovely minerality and zest of citrus very different to the crisp Sancerre we sipped as an aperitif on the Square.  A nice introduction to the wines of the area nonetheless.



Anjou Petit Clocher R Anjou Petit Clocher F 0306