Suffolk Jester IPA

Two bottles of this instead of a bottle of wine with the always reliable M&S meal deal.

Jester is a new breed of English Hop grown on Stocks farm in Worcestershire. Gooseberries and Lychee notes the blurb says. Very refreshing and not too acidic.

Puglia, Rosso, 2012, Marks & Spencer

Puglia Rosso M&S 060514

Part of the wine choice in a Bank Holiday Meal deal.

We normally look forward to “pot luck” with these deals and choose the Italian as the most reliable.

Alas, not bad, but very standard fare from M&S who described is thus:

“Ripe but soft Italian red wine, deeply coloured with rich blackberry and cherry notes and hint of toasted nut”

Soft indeed. And bottled a long way from Puglia:

Puglia Rosso M&S 060514 b

Saturday Night In with M&S


OK, so I don’t seek out or regularly buy mass manufactured wines. Nor am I a fan of the Multiples own label wine offerings though I do understand that they’re putting their names on them so the quality must be OK.


Bianco delle Venezie 2011 (2) (Small) Bianco delle Venezie 2011, Garganega Trebbiano (Small)


That’s why, when Lesley did one of those M&S meals (Rosti Potatoes, Fish Stew, Raspberry Compote) for two which included a bottle of wine I didn’t risk opening their wine instead had a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc with the meal. We did try the Bianco delle Venezie 2011, a blend of  Garganega and Trebbiano a few days later and to our delight, like the food, it was remarkably good. Full marks M&S. We’ll do the meal deals again.