Tommasi Valpolicella Ripasso 2014

This was a Christmas Corporate Gift selected by Alan Crowley.

His tasting notes:

A Ripasso wine is made using normally harvested grapes. When the wine has finished fermenting, the skins of the dried grapes used to make Amarone are added to the wine and it undergoes another fermentation. This method of “refermenting” the wine gives rise to the Italian term of Ripasso, meaning “repassed over”. The wine then undergoes 12 months maturation in large old oak casks. This results in a delicious balance of the juiciness of fully ripened red grapes but with a depth of complexity and fullness. Bearing in mind the festive season, the classic Christmas dinner which is full of meaty flavours of roast turkey along with the tangy bitterness of sprouts, the sweetness of cranberry sauce and rich gravy is well partnered by the big full juicy spicy style of the Tommasi Ripasso. With the warmth, depth and complexity of fruit, spice, liquorice and rich plum flavours another way to enjoy this wine might be in quiet contemplation at the end of the day, perhaps relaxing in front of the fire.

Vallado Quadrifolia 2014 Duoro

We took a chance on this Portugeuse Four Leafed Clover to compliment the Steak and the Venison Sausage mains in Coppinger Row and it paid off.

Soft rounded red with a blueberry / raspberry nose.

A belated Birthday treat courtesy of John.​ Good meal, great company.​

Turns out that this is an ​’entry level
​’ wine from Quinta do Vallado in the Duoro Valley. Merits further research.

​ ​


img 6984

Primitivo di Puglia, Alberobello, 2014, Pietro Tauro

Dad brought this to his Birthday Party.

From the wine shop in Sandyford Village. Their suggested replacement for the Lupi Reale Montepulciano.

Full of Fruit, fields of Raspberries nose, shrouded in a blanket of soft tannins.Slight aniseed twinge.

Needed chambre’ng to open up but well worth the wait.

Alberobello means “beautiful tree”and is a Trulli town close to Bari.


Smithwick’s Long Summer Ale

Smithwicks Long Summer Ale F 130714

Smithwick’s appear to be trying to prove that a big brand can make craft beer “Superior Batches” in large quantities and so far they appear to be succeeding where parent brand Guinness failed with its Guinness series.

They latched onto a long hot summer too, just in time to catch the great weather tide with this ‘long summer’.

A welcome diversion from Bland Lager on a hot summer’s day.

More of this, perhaps a Haloween Howler?

Smithwicks Long Summer Ale 130714