Allegrini Palazzo della Torre

From Allegrini and named after their recent acquisition in the Veneto near Verona which has been restored as a Boutique venue. A nice find and a lovely wine to match the Blue Cheese and Cheddar Cheeseboard in Ely (the Original). Dark red, lots of fruit. Quaffable. €47. A blend of Corvina and Rondinella with a touch of Sangiovese.

Il Casolare – Fattoria San Lorenzo, Marche, San Lorenzos

il Cassolare

The Cottage. I first tried this with Doug McCoy in San Lorenzos and we both really enjoyed it over a nice meal.

An Organic Montepulciano (actually Rosso Piceno) and Sangiovese blend, we found it fruity, mellow and dry, with a nice finish. Good company helps of course.

Made by Natalino Crognaletti of the Fattoria San Lorenzo in Montecarotto, Marche. More here: and here San Lorenzo was awarded the Chiocciola (Snail) in 2011, the Slow Wine Guide’s highest accolade.

This ‘ Rosso ‘ of the Montepulciano grape is in fact a classified Rosso Piceno. He comes under the lower IGT-status on the market to keep the costs as low as possible. – See more at:
This ‘ Rosso ‘ of the Montepulciano grape is in fact a classified Rosso Piceno. He comes under the lower IGT-status on the market to keep the costs as low as possible. – See more at:
This ‘ Rosso ‘ of the Montepulciano grape is in fact a classified Rosso Piceno. He comes under the lower IGT-status on the market to keep the costs as low as possible. – See more at:

It was expensive in the eponymous Restaurant San Lorenzo at around €30 a bottle and Mitchells have it at €13.99 – expensive for the off trade. Bottles online in Holland have it for €7.99.


Il Cassolare R

Poggiomoro, Toscana, 2012, Cantina Viticoltori Senesi Aretini, Sinalunga

Poggiomoro 110514

A dinner guest bring. As the label says “a nice harmonious blend of fresh fruits”.

Light cherry colour and taste, this is Tuscan Sangiovese with a dash of Colorino and Canailo.

The Cantina Viticoltori Senesi Aretini has 235 participating growers with over 400ha of vineyards between the provinces of Sienna and Arezzo.

Poggiomoro 110514 b

Chianti, Tesco, 2012


Tesco Chianti 270414

I’m not sure how this got into the House … an acceptable bring nonetheless.

The label says is all “Simply” Chianti – Sangiovese from Piccini in Central Tuscan; fresh and fruity.

Tesco’s “Simply” philosophy is to present customers with a relatively small selection of wines featuring some of the most popular varietals with simple, easy-to-understand labels and sold at an affordable price.

Tesco Chianti 270414 b

Lunch & Dinner @ Casa Tre Sorelli. Sagrantino di Montefalco 2008 – Spolettoducale. Passito 2006. Greshetto 2011, La Murola, Marche

Sagrantino di Montefalco 2008 – Spolettoducale


A 100% Sagrantino from the dead centre of Umbria: the throbbing smell of sweltering heat in a glass backed up by a berry nose.

Quite strong at 14.5%, Ruby Red, lots of blackberries in the nose – still can’t taste the supposed Blueberries!

Lovely rounded structure.


Sagrantino di Montefalco. Passito 2006.


Desert in a glass: deep purple, very mellow and intense sweet wine – not at all cloying.

A very nice Passito.


2011 Greshetto, La Murola, Marche


A stalwart from the La Murola winery which we visited in Urbisaglia a few years back.

Refreshing, lots of apricots, pleasant with lunch or as an aperitif.

La Murola Sangiovese Novello 2012

Donald & Dale treated us to this Vino Novello, Italian for Young Wine, also from La Murola.

Similar in style and thinking to a Beaujolais Nouveau, which some people get sniffy about, this is produced all over Italy and released on Nov 6th every year, unlike in France where it is released @ 00.01 on the Third Thursday of November

We chilled it – and despite its old (!) age it was a light and fruity, red wine perfect with lunch in the hot weather.


Montefalco Rosso DOC. 2010. Arnaldo Caprai. Bronze Tari. Rocca dei Conte


We had this with dinner on the Terrace at Villa Milani.

Me radish & pistaccio nut salad followed by tagliatelle of sanguigne beef on a bed of rucola. Lesley melon on top of carpaccio of beef followed by pork fillet with endive.

The meal was nice, the wine very nice.

Local – within 30 Kilometres. 70% Sangiovese, 15% Sagrantino, 15% Merlot. Arnaldo Caprai started with 5 acres under vine in Monte Falco and now the estate runs to a hefty holding run by his son Marco and they have been championing the Sagrantino grape since 1971.

Sagrantino is the grape indigineous to Umbria / Montefalco which tastes of Blackberry. I must admit I couldn’t detect it. Deep colour in the glass, the 2010 tasted of well structured tanins, lots of black cherry and a satin smooth finish.


For a nightcap we enjoyed this craft Bronze Tari Pale Ale from the Rocca dei Conti brewery in Modica South Eastern Sicily. The ABV was smuged out but I suspect it was quite a bit stronger than the stated 5.8%. Good hops, nice refreshing bite, this would have gone well with our meal too.



Gonfalone Chianti 2012 Trambusti

Gonfalone Chianti F (Small) Gonfalone Chianti R (Small)

Dad brought this to Sunday Lunch.

Great weather  – we were able to dine al fresco with all the McConkeys at the one table.

Classic Chianti from Tuscany. Silky smooth mouthfeel, complex subtle flavours.

90% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo Nero

Great aftertaste, highly recommended for red meat and cheese.

I now regret not decanting it.