Allegrini Palazzo della Torre

From Allegrini and named after their recent acquisition in the Veneto near Verona which has been restored as a Boutique venue. A nice find and a lovely wine to match the Blue Cheese and Cheddar Cheeseboard in Ely (the Original). Dark red, lots of fruit. Quaffable. €47. A blend of Corvina and Rondinella with a touch of Sangiovese.

Allegrini, Valpolicella, 2013

Allegrini Valp 090414

This was our first outing with the 2013 vintage and it’s as good as ever: proving our belief that this is a very fine wine from the Veneto.

From Corvina grapes with a little Rondinella grown near Lake Como, this is medium-bodied, fresh, fragrant juicy Valpolicella, with cherry nose and Raspberry notes.

No longer a Classico – Allegrini droped out of the DOC Appelation – because they wanted to use a Stel Cap which is against the rules.

Keep breaking them please for offerings like this.

Allegrini Valp 090414 b

Allegrini Valp 090414 b

Valpolicella, Allegrini, 2012

Allegrini Valp 190114

This is a real treat which we thought had been lost when Cellarmaster in Sandyford closed its doors until we discovered a private supply line.

A simple really well made wine by one of the top Ten Valpolicella producers in the Veneto. Consistently good quality and worth seeking out.

Corvina is the main grape , some Rondinella and a drop of Molinara.

The full story is here

Allegrini Valp 190114 b