Negroamaro Primitivo, Luna Argenta, Puglia

Powerful, gritty, fruity wine, strong at 14.5%. I see this is another well made wine from MGM Mondo, which leads me to believe it’s retail origin is O’Briens. Negroamaro Primitivo grapes from Manduria near Taranto. Interesting “Golden Moon” blender’s philosophy. Solid heavy Burgundy bottle. Not cheap I suspect, a dinner party bring from Mr Burns.

Primitivo di Puglia, Alberobello, 2014, Pietro Tauro

Dad brought this to his Birthday Party.

From the wine shop in Sandyford Village. Their suggested replacement for the Lupi Reale Montepulciano.

Full of Fruit, fields of Raspberries nose, shrouded in a blanket of soft tannins.Slight aniseed twinge.

Needed chambre’ng to open up but well worth the wait.

Alberobello means “beautiful tree”and is a Trulli town close to Bari.


Puglia, Rosso, 2012, Marks & Spencer

Puglia Rosso M&S 060514

Part of the wine choice in a Bank Holiday Meal deal.

We normally look forward to “pot luck” with these deals and choose the Italian as the most reliable.

Alas, not bad, but very standard fare from M&S who described is thus:

“Ripe but soft Italian red wine, deeply coloured with rich blackberry and cherry notes and hint of toasted nut”

Soft indeed. And bottled a long way from Puglia:

Puglia Rosso M&S 060514 b