Guinness Original Extra Stout

The original craft beer: a pint bottle of guinness.

The Barmaid in the Carrick Hotel even asked if I wanted one from the cooler or from the shelf.

Effervescent toasted hop distinctive taste, great with food. Perhaps the growth in Craft Beers will prompt Diageo to put this back on general distribution.

Sunday Times ‘Wine Companion’ 2016

The region notes are mildly interesting though as Ernie himself notes any aspiring buff should get themselves a decent Wine Atlas / Encyclopaedia.

A wine Journo’s lot must be a happy one. Taste 124 wines averaging €27.58 a bottle and give a cursory opinion validated by a mate. Cost-wise It’s no wonder they all score 8 out of 10 or better.

Do the Sunday Times really believe their average reader punts €28 a bottle every week? Get a grip Ernie.

Free Ranger IPA

Good bite, slightly sweet, full on IPA. Strong at the stated 6.3%

Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co. Just down the road near The Harbour Bar.

Hilden Brewing Company – Belfast Blond

Hilden Belfast Blond Face

Because The Harbour Bar and all the other restaurants in Portrush were closed for the season – or maybe just because it was a Monday evening in September – we chose The Tides from Tripadvisor and also for the views. They could take us as long as we made it by 8pm, which we did.

I asked for an ale and was offered this.

The packaging is strong but the liquid was unremarkable, slightly hoppy, slightly fruity.

Went well with the workmanlike Moules and Frites.

Hilden Belfast Blond Side

Hilden Belfast Blond Back